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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Simplicity 1784 Wardrobe Pattern

I've dug Simplicity 1784 out of the pattern section of the Resource Centre as I want to try sewing something that is not in a knit fabric and is suitable for work (I have an office based job).
I dislike the original colourway used in this very much, so I am mostly trying to tune that out and imagine brown, rust, burnt orange, teal etc instead - easier when greyscaled!
I'm not loving the skirt so much but could imagine wearing the jacket, trousers and blouse for a slightly more feminine yet still practical look.
I have not scouted for fabric yet but I am sure the fabric section of my resource centre has something suitable.

Here's the original image with the colours I dislike, though great for someone with strong and cool colouring (not me!)

My 'resource centre' has a plentiful supply of fabrics, so my aim is to use these resources where I can. I decided that the concept of a resource centre is about using the resources, whereas for me the 'Stash' sounds like something I am hoarding. Since I made that decision to change how I think of my patterns and fabrics I've made quite a lot of charity items, a few things for friends, allowed my mum to take some she wanted and sewn a lot for myself from the resources. I am still buying but perhaps a bit less.


Anne said...

I like this wardrobe collection, skirt included - and especially the colours!! Great for me whereas I steer away from some of those you prefer. Different colouring.
I LOVE the idea of a Resource Centre! Can I copy your idea?

SewRuthie said...

Hi Anne, steal away!