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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Burda 10-2008-132 Corduroy trousers reworked

I made these corduroy trousers in 2009 - on hanger in 2009 (3 houses ago).
I didn't record it but I'm pretty sure I used Burda 10-2008-132, as the other pair of trousers made at the same time with the same styling did use that pattern.
Something went a bit wrong with them at the time and they did not fit the cotton print waist facing. So as I was trying to meet a deadline for a PR contest I just put some pleats in the front and called it done. They looked like this.
The whole wardrobe came 4th in the PR Wardrobe Contest but I was not happy with these trousers.
I must admit I don't love the corduroy trousers which came out rather shapeless (far right), so they are going to have a makeover. They are very comfortable but definitely look like they should be worn by a Cheshire farmer with his wellies and coat which was not quite the look I was going for.
So not quite 7 years later I have actually got round to it! I changed the side invisible zip from a pale blue one which was a bit too obvious to a darker blue one. It still doesn't match exactly but is a good depth of colour and insrted nicely.
I cut a straight waistband from scraps with a seam at the side, removed the front pleats I had added and sewed the waistband on, adding a tab with buttonhole and a button. They fit quite well (as I'm a bit fatter then than now). And here I am wearing them with the the teal poloneck (turtleneck) from the 2013 SWAP.
 With top tucked in so you can see the waistband and shape.
With top out as I think I need this for proportion.

I'm pleased with these and can see me wearing them through the Autumn and Winter.
If I manage to lose some more weight they may need another remake!


Beth said...

I have been following you for a while now, but am bad for not interacting. These are nice, and I think the outfit looks fantastic with the shirt tucked in!

SewRuthie said...

Thanks Beth! Wearing the cords today with the top tucked in and a hooded fleece on top. Very comfortable.

sdBev said...

You are probably very comfortable with the proportions of the untucked version. I urge to reconsider the tucked version with its 1:2 proportions which make you look leggy, very good look.