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Friday, 14 October 2016

Dark green skirt

The skirt is a simple one made from the back piece of the skirt in Vogue 2989 cut twice.
I've added a small piece of ribbon so I know which is the back (it has the join in the elasic).
Here it is with the tee, cardigan, the other necklace and a beautiful green leather built I have had for years.
I'm loving this.
The two pink beads in this necklace feel like they do quite fit in the colourscheme. I could easily remove them and have a slightly shorter necklace of the greens/browns and silver only. What do you think? I have a woven print fabric and a knit print I'd like to use they have the various greens and browns in them but not the pink, I think without the pink the necklace would be more harmonious with them.
The pink is in my palette and part of me thinks its fun but part of me thinks it jarring.
Would seeing the print fabrics help?


tg33 said...

I think the pop of pink 'lifts' the outfit, it would be much duller without it. I love the dark green though!

Anne said...

Great outfit. Not my colours but I still appreciate it. I agree that the necklace lifts the outfit.

MelM said...

I agree that the pink is a bit jarring, but I also agree that the outfit needs a pop of a different color. Do you have a different color bead you could swap in for the pink ones? Maybe more towards a burgundy or purple to keep to the effect of the pink without being so extreme?

sdBev said...

I understand why you are loving the new skirt--it is a perfect completer piece. Lovely grouping. I'm envious.

Unknown said...

Great outfit I really like the pink, it definitely lifts the outfit as a previous person has stated.