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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Burda November 2016 #130

I picked up Burda Magazine for November 2016 on Monday from WHSmiths.
The item I most want to sew is the Plus size wide legged trousers. They are a simple style and hopefully would not take too long to sew.

Women’s plus size wide leg trousers have the proper look for business wear – yet they are incredibly relaxed and comfortable. The straight leg trousers include a comfortable elastic waistband.

I can imagine making these in various dark trouser fabrics including black *
(* I got rid of almost everything black after Fabrickated did my colour analysis as a muted, however I am now a member of a church choir which wears all black with a red scarf as the 'uniform' so need to have a few black pieces to wear despite my colouring).

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Anne said...

Black is not my 'colour' either, I prefer navy - but my golf team uniform is black and white (white isn't my colour either) and I find I'm very happy to wear black trousers. I have quite a few black and white or ivory tops which I find I can wear. I'm not productive enough to replace everything I own and not even to sew anything new I want so it does depend to some extent what's available. Until I conquer trousers, I have to wear RTW black. As far as red is concerned, I love it - but I have to wear a blue-red, never an orange-red. My golf AGM is next week and I wear a white polo shirt with a yellow slipover or jumper - yellow is only slightly better than green on me!