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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Wearing dark green - better light

Leggings and tee. I feel very exposed in this, due to the slim fit of the leggings not covering the crotch area and derriere.
Then cardigan belted. This feels fine as things are covered, however that's where my waist is and its maybe a bit high up?
Then cardigan loose. This feels exposed at the front.
With the belt over the tee but under the cardigan (some suggested this). Seems fairly pointless as its not belting anything or holding anything up, and it still has to sit on my natural waist.
 And a closeup showing the fringe growing out and the grey coming through (I've stopped colouring).


Fabrickated said...

I have been meaning to say how nice your hair is looking Ruth.

Fabrickated said...

I think you look great in this outfit, and in all the iterations. I think with the belt is better - the position is fine and really lengthens your legs. The overall monochrome look makes you look tall and slim. If you want a bit of relief from the green I would swap out the plain T and try a patterned one, or a lighter colour.