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Friday, 28 October 2016

Simplicity 4231 Green Tropical Wool Safari Jacket

Someone, I suspect a former Ruthie, perhaps around 2010 when it was the Botanical Garden SWAP, or maybe even in 2008 when doing the Sophisticated Safari collection (all long gone) cut out the belted jacket from Simplicity 4231 in some lovely tropical wool in a dark olive green.
This former Ruthie chose a size 16 (happily near my current size), a flattering view, View A (top in orange), and carefully put all the cut out pieces with their pattern tissue still attached, with the other tissue, the instructions and the envelope neatly into a plastic zip lock bag.

Time passed and I came across this when sewing the current green pieces. "Ah ha", I thought to myself "another green thing to sew up, and I don't even have to change the thread and its all already cut out."

I read the instructions a couple of times and was impressed at former Ruthie's enthusiasm for a relatively complex project, but slightly amused that former Ruthie had not actually sewn it up. I worked happily on another green project (changing the zip and waistband on some teal green corduroy trousers which were bodged into the 2009 SWAP Inspired by the Sea, which I will share tomorrow.

Then I started constructing the jacket. I did tailor tacks and pressed etc, constructing the back and then decided to check through all the components to be clear what I had, what needed interfacing, marking etc.

You have guessed by this point that former Ruthie was a bit of an airhead and you'd be right.
A few of the pieces are labelled things like - cut 4 and cut 2 on fold etc. - and sadly former airhead Ruthie has only cut 2 or 1 on the fold. So I shall only be able to get so far and then I'll have to stop and see if I can find any scraps of the old fabric, or the skirt or trousers from the Sophisticated Safari set to canabalise (in fact the name tells me that maybe I planned the jacket to go with these bottoms as its the same fabric). If some intermediate Ruthie was overly enthusiastic in her konmari'ing then I may have to use a contrast fabric and make 'feature' of it. I'm wincing already at this thought, but maybe it could work. I also have found the pieces for the tie belt, so depending on the width of the missing pieces may be able to sacrifice the belt and use my matching leather belt instead.

I will keep you posted, and once I have finished my mug of tea go and have a fettle in the boxes in the sewing room. Wish me luck!!!

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Cherie said...

Good luck I say! Hope the intermediate Ruthie kept that fabric or clothing pieces!