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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Pewter Accessories

I had a trip out to the Clarks Outlet today and bought this pewter and black bag and pewter shoes with black soles and laces.
Interestingly when comparing them at home to things in my wardrobe I can see that although a sort of silver colour, this pewter has a slight warmth to it which blends as well with taupe and stone as with grey which surprised me a little. It also works really well with a lovely scarf I have from Mint  which mixes black, grey, taupe and ivory together.
I can see them worn with either the grey checked trouser suit or the taupe trouser suit, or maybe with the charcoal pinstripe trousers and a warm pink sweater.
The little wallet thing hanging off the bag strap (see top photo) is driving me a bit crazy though, so I think that will get removed. This is the second bag I've bought which had one of these - that was a matte gold one in the summer - and I have no idea why you would want it hanging on the outside of the bag, any ideas?

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Cherie said...

Re the little hanging bag - I think it is a little "gift" from the manufacturer, but If left inside, no one would know it was there, or it would get pilfered. So it is probably meant to be removed and used for cosmetics or such after purchase.