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Saturday, 12 November 2016

SWAP 2017 Patterns - A tee shirt

I have been considering thinking about the tee shirt pattern I want to use for SWAP 2017.
For super easy just cut out and sew without looking back then my all time favourite pattern New Look 6735 is the way to go.

I have used this pattern a great many times and it is rare because I know the number off by heart. It is so popular is was one of the PR Best Patterns in 2008 and is still in print now. I love this pattern and would recommend it to people wanting to make tees.

I think if I did use this again I would slightly reduce the scoop of the neckline to make it slightly less revealing as I think this would protect against gaping at the neckline if I find I have lost weight. A slightly higher neckline would also work well for me to showcase some of my larger necklaces as they could contrast against the fabric.

Alternatively I could revisit the Kirsten Kimono Tee, though this only has cap sleeves.
This is a free pattern and very simple and quick to sew so ideal at the end of SWAP when trying to get some pieces completed against the clock when sewing has not gone to plan. I have altered my version of the pattern considerably making the neckline higher at the back, scooped at the front and narrower at the sides. I've also curved the sides more and flared out at the hipline.

I have also been looking at the Breton Tee from the Great British Sewing Bee book 'from Stitch to Style' though I have not tried this yet. It looks a similar shape to the Kimono tee but with optional long sleweves which I do want. I own the book but have not traced this off (yet).

A fourth option would be to go for something raglan sleeve. I have many options here
- NewLook 6230 (which I have found after a bit of a search)

- the Santa Monica Tee from Textile Studio Patterns (if I can find it), this is a lovely shape and I would recommend it.

- a Burda magazine pattern that I have not traced off (Burda 02/2013 #127) This has some interesting detail with the gathering.

- and this free pattern in Women's size L
itsalwaysautumn easy-tee-raglan-pattern

I think I will go with the New Look pattern now I have found it as New Look often works well for me.
Going through the pattern I found two other patterns, one from Prima Magazine and one from Love Sewing Magazine the Boyfriend Sweatshirt, so its obviously a style I am interested in mastering. I love the way you can vary the sleeves and neckline for a casual look or go one colour for something very classic.


Unknown said...

I really like the Santa Monica teeshirt. I'm enjoying reading your thought process on Swap 2017

Anne said...

I really like your go to pattern. I think I will try to get it, as it has tee skirt and cardigan all of which interest me. I'm less keen on the trouser shape. All of your possibilities look good. I, too, enjoy reading about your thought processes.

SewRuthie said...

Hi Anne, New Look 6735 looks like it in sizes 10 -22 - http://www.simplicitynewlook.com/6735. I am barely a B cup and this pattern only has a little easing at the side seam for the bust. It has a centre back seam though which is good for forward head, round back and sway back alterations.

Anne said...

Thank you. I don't need a forward shoulder adjustment - I made a Concord tee with one built in and will have to undo it in any further attempt (see blog). My feeling is that the Concord is not my TNT. Perhaps this one could be but given what you say about the bust area, I'll have a look to see what else I have first. It's the tops I'm most interested in first - cardigans too.