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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Dyeing things green

I really loved the green pieces I have added to the wardrobe, so decided I would overdye some items with dark green Dylon machine dye.
The items I chose were
- some bright lime green jersey fabric - viscose (rayon)
- 2 beige pairs socks and 1 light green pair socks - cotton & elastane
- a light grey marl camisole
- a pair of light grey marl leggings
- some mid grey (black and off white) trousers in a polyester mix

I absolutely love the trousers, and they work fantastically with the tweed jacket I made in sewing class many years ago.
The leggings and cami will be great when I want a dark green underlayer under something or tucked into my long or short green suede boots with the matching green socks.

And the jersey fabric is a more wearable colour I could make into a top to wear with this leaf print skirt.

So whilst I would've liked the leggings/cami/socks a darker shade of green I think it was successful.

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