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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Simplicity 4231 Green Tropical Wool Safari Jacket

I have made some progress on the Simplicity 4231 Green Tropical Wool Safari Jacket though it is slow going.
I found some co-ordinating lining which I used to cut the back of the pocket flaps. This worked around the fact that I had only cut 2 of them not 4.
So far I have done, front and back darts, back seam, pockets and pocket flaps with buttonholes, side and shoulder seams. Still to do collar and facings and sleeves, and maybe draft up a lining.

I have to say compared to my usual quick knits this is slow going and I am having to force myself to work on it. Once I get going I do another half an hour, press that step and leave it for a bit and progress is slowly being made.
Items sewn in 2008 which seem to have gone
Since the trousers and skirt I also made from this fabric seem to be long gone (I may yet find them in a box...) then I will need to sew some other things to go with it.

I have lots of co-ordinating fabrics which could work with this jacket but will need sewing up.

The most likely first candidate would be a skirt from a tiny remnant of dark green stretch bengaline. Sadly not enough for trousers.

Let's see if I can keep on track with the green pieces or if SWAP or Christmas sewing distract me!


Jenni said...

Looking great so far. Definitely going to be worth the slower sewing I think as it should be a very useful piece for the wardrobe.

Alison said...

well it may seem like slow going to you, but for most of us that would be incredibly speedy... that color jacket will be so good for your eyes and coloring! Keep up with the efforts and it will be done before you realise.

Unknown said...

Shame you don't have the trousers and skirt anymore, but I like the detail on the jacket, hopefully you will find fabric to make coordinating skirts and trousers.

JuliaRu said...

Ruthie, the jacket is looking nice!