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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ruthie Challenges

I tend towards my default wardrobe for work of  tailored trousers, brogues, knit top and cardigan or jacket. I use the same bag (normally a black leather one) for several weeks and start to get a bit bored.
Then I decide its time to have a 'Ruthie Challenge' and choose something I am going to do for the coming week. These are normally a completely personal challenge I keep to myself, or occasionally share with one friend, but I thought it might be fun for others too.

The challenges include things like
- wear something handmade by me (usually a knit top or jewellery) every day for a week (or longer, I really like this one).
- use a brightly coloured handbag (e.g. red) everyday that week - sometimes I do this one for several weeks having a different coloured bag each week (red bag week, gold bag week, teal green bag week etc)
- wear a different statement necklace every day for a week
- wear a different skirt or dress every day for a week
- catch up on my ironing and then wear a different proper shirt every day for a week
- wear lipstick every day for a week
- choose something I haven't worn for ages and make a new outfit from it, and then decide if I keep it or not.
- take time to alter or mend things which are too loose, too long, missing a button etc and then wear them!

I have been getting in a rut again, mostly because work has been really busy and I've been putting all my energy into that and less into choosing what I get dressed in each day.

Often my challenges are sparked by buying new (or new to me thrifted) items and wanting to incorporate them into my wardrobe, other times by a sense that I have slightly lost my lack of fun.

So I have decided this week to have a skirt/dress week, and have planned some outfits to make that easy for the week.
Today was the Vogue 2989 black dress, worn with black boots, a red wool jacket, a pearl brooch, pearl earrings and pearl and silver necklace. Frankly this was a bit warm in the overheated office (even with the jacket removed, as that was instead of a coat).
 I also added the pleated scarf and new silver bag.
It probably could've used some lipstick. But I felt fairly comfortable, other than being too hot.
Upcoming options are purple, teal and navy, for in the week and maybe brown on Friday. I may have to change bags again, and why not!

Do you like to give yourself challenges? What sort of things do you try?


Anne said...

What type of work do you do?
I really like the dress, though perhaps it would have been cooler with ordinary tights and shoes. How about a challenge to remake this dress in a less warm fabric in one of your colours. Maybe you have such already, though.
I'm still trying to find TNTs. Fitting remains my bugbear. I'm thinking of doing the SWAP though - that's a real challenge for me! At the moment I'm making a jacket (see my blog), another challenge - perhaps could be included in the SWAP.

Anonymous said...

I like that wool dress - comfortable and classic. I've never given myself a challenge other than my current one - - as stash reduction policy that requires me to use two pieces of fabric in my stash before I can buy one. I like your idea of challenges to get out of a rut!
I get into a rut wearing pants everywhere I go, ignoring the dresses in my closet.

Unknown said...

I like the idea, it's easy to do the same things every day. I'm going to challenge myself to wear a scarf, as I have a few but never wear them.