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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Chairs Project

I have some ikea dining chairs which are good as extra chairs. They don't fit too well with my colour scheme so I plan to paint the silver grey metal more of an ivory cream colour and recover the fabric parts. Probably with an ivory or cream fabric.
 The frames are fairly straightforward, I shall sand them and paint them. I have some leftover radiator enamel from a previous house in a colour called Vanilla which I hope will be OK.
 The backs may be slightly tricky as they are covered on both sides. However I think I could make a shaped cover which fits and staple in place on the bottom. I'll need to allow holes to reattach to the frames.
The seats have a simple arrangement where the fabric is just stretched around and stapled on, leaving access for the screws.

I plan to make some simple templates for the back and seat covers so I can make good use of the fabric I have. The resources have yielded a couple of options, so I'll see which one looks best (and has enough fabric!)


Kate said...

If these were my chairs I would make the new covers removable for cleaning. Make the seat covers elasticated and make fitted slip covers for the backs with invisible zips or velcro in the bottom.

SewRuthie said...

Thank you that is an interesting idea I had not thought of.
It may be that it would need me to dismantle the chairs to remove the covers due to where they are attached, but still may be worth doing.

Rhonda Buss said...

Projects like this are always so gratifying 😊Have fun!!!