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Thursday, 17 November 2016

SWAP 2017 Patterns - Jacket

I have lots of jacket patterns so this one might stay a little more open than the other pattern choices.
I have some TNTs (tried n tested patterns) which I can always reuse if time gets tight, but also lots of other I could try.

The easiest of all, and one where I wear the finished garments a lot is the shawl collar cardigan from Prima Magazine November 2010.

I think this would work really well in the more boucle jacket fabric, which although not a knit has a similar hand to some of the throws I have used for this pattern, and reads as a sweater knit, so I think it would be really good in this style. This fabric has an attractive reverse which would work well for the fold back collar and being unlined.
 The plus for this is it would be super quick to sew up which is often an important feature late on in SWAP sewing!

If I wanted a bit more shape but still a simple style that I've already altered then I could go for New Look 6082.
Or I could go somewhere between the two with the cardigan from my old favourite New Look 6735. This is for a knit though so I'd need to watch the fit.
Not TNTs
Or I could go for a more extreme silhouette with the jacket from Vogue 2989.
I am concerned that I don't have enough waist to carry this one off, and the open fronts of the other styles are more slenderising for my figure. This one is NOT a TNT for the jacket although I have made the dress, top and skirt.

Now for the other fabric I do fancy something a bit more structured.
Although this has lots of colours in it, it does have a strong stripe running parallel to the selvedge (running across in the picture above) so will need a version of pattern matching. It does not have an attractive reverse, and is a looser weave so I think needs to be lined.
This could be an ideal candidate for Simplicity 1784, as the jacket and blouse should work well together as they are from the same wardrobe pattern.
I am not sure what I think about that curved collar, but I think it would be OK.

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