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Friday, 2 December 2016

Eating more healthily

So... I am trying to lose some weight and generally look after my health. I'm trying to eat better, drink more water, etc
Here's tonights dinner.
This is cauliflower 'rice' my first try at that and not bad. It has the texture and mouth feel of rice if not the flavour. If you stir it into the chilli you can't really tell.
And its with chilli con carne made with 5% fat beef mince, onions, tomatoes, red kidney beans, chilli flakes, mild chilli powder and smoked paprika.
It is all homemade all either low calorie veg or low fat protein.

I actually quite enjoyed it. There might be sewing to share tomorrow so come back for that :-)


Dawn said...

Ruthie, I've made Asian fried "rice", basically a veggie stir fry with the cauliflower taking the place of the rice. We enjoyed it.

Kay said...

Hi Ruthie, I eat low carb as well, have you considered low carb high fat diet? It has helped me a lot.