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Saturday, 3 December 2016

 Another great post from Imogen Lamport at Inside Out Style (I love her advice).


I have not used diagonals very much in my sewing, except maybe some wrap/cross over type tops. I did try an angled hem on a top but never wear it. Though that may be more the print than anything else.

Have you incorporated diagonal lines into your sewing and how did that work?


Unknown said...

Love all these useful snippets of information!

Summer Flies said...

I made a dress like this from a Burda pattern and it was so easy but a very flattering dress. I love wearing it and every time I wear it I get many compliments. You should try the style.

JuliaRu said...

hi Ruthie. I think lots of sharp angles such as in zigzags are flattering on people with angular faces and features. For me with rounded face and features, there isn't a connection between the sharp angles and my face.