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Friday, 1 February 2019

Closet Case Ultimate Scrap Busting DIY Fabric Floor Pouf

Before I started on the PR Zipper challenge I was working on the Closet Case Ultimate Scrap Busting DIY Fabric Floor Pouf.

The directions say to sew using a 3/8" seam allowance but the pattern piece has 5/8" marked. I went with 3/8"  but my top section came out larger than the bottom. So I would suggest making the top first and then cutting the bottom to fit (then if the seam allowances are a bit off it'll still fit).
Also do make sure you sew pieces together to make 2 halves, I ended up with 3 thirds and it was tricky to do that last seam!

Mine is almost finished. Its 4 inches taller then the original (and somewhat wider due to the seam allowance thing). I added two handles, which are great for moving it about.

I plan to add a covered button to the centre to hide the mess where they don't meet neatly. And I will be adding lots more scraps (don't worry I have them!) to fill it out and make it nice and firm.

However this is what it looks like so far.
The plain dark blue denim was taken from actual jeans. These were thicker and had no stretch. all the other denim turned out to have some stretch which made the sewing quite interesting.
The floral denim was some jeans I sewed for myself but did not wear much because the floral was a bit much.
The light denim and grey looking denim are the right and worng sides of some 'reverse' denim that is pale on the right side with dark on the wrong side. The threads are indigo and off white but read as shades of grey here. The handles are in the floral denim. The base is in the dark side of the light denim. The zip on the base came from an old coat and is very chunky.
The inner lining is made from an old sheet and some cord from an old blind. Lots of recycling going on in this project.
I will share again once I've done the central covered button and fattened it up by feeding it even more scraps!


Sharon said...

Sorry if this is a double post, I am trying to work out what format lets me leave a comment.

Now this is brilliant scrap buster and it is so frustrating about the pattern seam allowances but you have made it work. I look forward to seeing it ready for use.

Alison said...

what a fun project! WIll this live in your sewing space when you are done?

SewRuthie said...

Sharon, no double post, only single, so that's worked well.

Alison this is going to go in my living room in front of the sofa, replacing a very saggy bean cube I made about 7 years ago from an old beanbag and have recovered a few times. The beans have rather lost their bounce so this should be a whole lot firmer.

Let's Get Sewing said...

This looks amazing! Perfect for using scraps.

Anne said...

Your pouffe looks great. I'm giving my scraps to a friend who's making a pouffe but in time, I'd like to do this