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Sunday, 10 March 2019

ReP-A-R-E (RePurposing, Alterations, Repairs and Embellishments) #5

ReP-A-R-E (RePurposing, Alterations, Repairs and Embellishments) #5 is a no sew one, but has been really great for me so worth sharing I thought.

I have a lovely dark burgundy/oxblood leather bag which I started using again, but realised the existing handles were not quite long enough to have it over my shoulder. and when I went shopping it was rather in my way on my arm, as I prefer shoulder bags.

I recalled I had a soft tying belt for a leather coat in a similar colour, but didn't use it as the coat has no belt loops and looks better without it.
I added a plain silver key ring to each of two of the D rings holding the original handles, looped the belt through and knotted it. I now have a soft shoulder strap for the bag, which makes it much nicer to carry. If I change my mind in future I can remove the belt and key rings with no damage to the belt or the bag, but in the meantime I am using the bag and enjoying it!

Some sewing on the next one honest!

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