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Saturday, 16 March 2019

ReP-A-R-E (RePurposing, Alterations, Repairs and Embellishments) #10

ReP-A-R-E (RePurposing, Alterations, Repairs and Embellishments) #10 was a fun repurposing job, turning an old adult England Rugby shirt into a pint sized version for the mascot!
Here's the XL shirt I started with, a bit grey generally and very discoloured under the arms but it has the all important rose logo.
Here's the mascot in his new shirt and shorts.
For the shirt I kept the collar and logo of the original shirt but cut the sides and bottom away. I used the bottom section of the sleeves to make new smaller sleeves, and coverhemmed the hem of the shorter shirt.
The shorts were made from a the lower edge of the shirt. 
With a stitched opening for the tail.
As this is a sitting bear I lengthened the back crotch and shortened the front crotch.

I didn't use a pattern for the shirt, just made it to fit the bear.
For the shorts I used New Look 6961 as a starting point then shortened the legs to shirt, angled the waist to give a longer back crotch/shorter front crotch and stitched round a hole I had left for the tail.

He can cheer the team at kick off. I'll come back and tell you if we won later on!!!


water said...

Really enjoying your RePARE series!

Catherine said...

He's adorable in his new togs!

Bunny said...

Darling! I've really enjoyed your RePare posts.