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Thursday, 7 March 2019

ReP-A-R-E (RePurposing, Alterations, Repairs and Embellishments) #2

RePARE #2 is probably mostly an Alteration.

I had this fleece which had gone shorter and wider over time. I reshaped the side seams and wore it, but found the sleeves (and body) were a bit short.
As it had a black zip, I thought a black and red jacquard knit would work well for bands at the wrist and hem.
I think it works quite well. The bands are 6 inches wide. I cut the old hems off as they were quite worn and replaced them with the new bands, adding a bit of length in the process.

This could be used to lengthen garments which are a bit short (e.g. growing kids) and/or replace worn cuffs/hems.

Another RePARE coming soon.


Mary said...

Ruthie, I love your RePARE posts so far! This fleece looks really great with the new bands, you'd never know it had been old & looking a bit worn. I think the fabric you chose really works!

bbarna said...

These posts are excellent! I did this with a favorite Jalie jacket that had very worn cuff and bottom bands. I had also lost some weight, so I took the opportunity to slim down the sides before adding on the new bands. I got another couple of seasons out of it.

Bunny said...

I absolutely love your RePare posts. Keep them coming and I do hope they encourage others to repair and not replaces. I have always enjoyed the challenge of upgrading a well loved piece of clothing. This one looks particularly good with the fabric you chose. Great Job!