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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Summer Sage - Sage faux suede skirt

Cut from the same fabric as the Nina cardigan, this faux suede skirt is based on the Simplicity 8175 view B, though with the front cut on the fold, pockets omitted and elastic waistband casing instead of the shaped waistband.
I also added a small tuck in the front each side, and 2 darts in the back each side.

And here are all the pieces so far (8 sewn).
All of these were sewn with the same colour thread in the overlocker, coverhem and sewing machine, however I did change the needle between the knits and wovens

I wouldn't wear the print skirt with the other print tops, but I do have a previously made ivory top which could work nicely.

Still planned (but not quite sure when/if they'll get sewn)
- another print top
- some darker sage wide legged Burda trousers
- a stripe cheesecloth blouse
- a bold leaf print tee (and dress)
 (and maybe more)

But even if I stop here I still have a very wearable little collection.


Julie Culshaw said...

wow, you're getting a huge amount of sewing done! congrats on your plan working out so well. Now you will have to put an addition on your house for your wardrobe.

Alison said...

How very well you have built a wardrobe around the formerly orphan jacket. I'm always rather in awe of how productive you are. I'm particularly fond of the tunic top you made from a former skirt, and to me the print doesn't look "dated", just accent/coordinated