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Friday, 10 May 2019


Over on The Sewing Place, there is a wardrobe contest called SWAKOP - Sewing With A Kind of Plan which is a bit like SWAP but with a different time frame and rules.

This time its to create 2 smaller colour based collections linked by a bridge garment.
It is a fun way to get two colour schemes in. to the sewing plan.
I've started working on my first colour theme and its based around this lovely M&S jacket which is a bit of an orphan in my wardrobe. I'll call the colour 'sage' as its a grey green without much brown.
The fabric is a beautifully soft faux suede that feels absolutely lovely to the touch.

I've got some co-ordinating fabrics from the fabric cupboard and have started on a print jersey skirt and top (which could be worn together for a dress look) from this fabric. I love the brushstroke effects of the print, which means it works well with a variety of items in the sagey colour family even if it doesn't match perfectly.

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Sharon said...

Your fabric sounds perfect and so does the M&S jacket, it needs to be worn.