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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Eggplant trousers

Still on the purple autumn theme, here is the latest piece of the 6PAC.
These are New Look 6216 
I will put together a board showing all the pieces a bit later in the month.


bbarna said...

I love all your capsules, but how do you store all these clothes. I live in a very small house with tiny closet space. Do you purge and give away regularly, or do you have a great storage solution. Not judging, just curious.

SewRuthie said...

Hi Barb, good question - Well stuff shrinks, pills, get stained etc and so gets replaced. I'm quite hard on my clothing!
Some things don't get worn and get donated/given to friends or family.
So just because its in the blog sidebar doesn't mean its still in my house.
However, I do have 2 hanging rails in the built in wardrobe, a freestanding chest of drawers and other drawers and shelves in the wardrobe. I use the Konmari folding method for jeans, cardigans, knit tops, Pjs, camis, briefs etc, and use the narrow flocked hangers for hanging other items (except for jackets/coats which are on wooden hangers). I do store out of season/wrong size clothing in the loft on two hanging rails and in zipped bags. Coats mostly live downstairs in a cupboard. Scarves, bags, necklaces are in my study.
It probably is a bit too much and another purge is coming shortly :-)
Cheers Ruthie