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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wearing the Sage and Purple SWAKOP

I managed to take some photos of me wearing the sage and purple SWAKOP pieces. Some didn't come out for some reason so I don't have all the combinations I tried, however I think it gives a good idea.
Pink New Look 6735 top, with floral skirt  (details here)  badly creased after wearing to work all day. I added a purchased stretchy belt.
Purple Style Arc Molly top and Sage skirt based on Simplicity 8175 view B, though with the front cut on the fold, pockets omitted and elastic waistband casing instead of the shaped waistband.

Dark purple trouser suit in a stretch woven, jacket uses Wendy Ward's Kinder Cardigan and the trousers are  New Look 6216. Pink top as before. 

Same top and trousers but cardigan made from a blanket, adapted from Prima Pattern from November 2010.

I switched the belt on the Kinder Cardigan to tie in with the sage trousers from New Look 6216.

Sage top and skirt worn together as a dress look with a different purchased belt. Top from New Look 6735 and skirt adapted from Simplicity K8175 view C (with pockets and waistband omitted and elastic waist added).
Below same skirt worn with pink top and purple Kinder jacket.

The photos of me wearing this Style Arc Nina were all blurry so here's the hanger shot.

Reminder of all the pieces.

I'm a UK size 18 and being post menopause I'm struggling now with the belly fat. I still think I deserve nice clothes though so I don't let that put me off. Hopefully I can make some better choices on eating and exercise and turn that around going forwards.


Pamela Shadle-Flores said...

These are all just wonderful. I love the colors together and also on you! I would never have guessed the skirt and top were not a dress. Very inspiring!

thornberry said...

Hi Ruthie - once again you've sewn a fabulous capsule of outfits! You're really very good at this. I also wanted to say - of course you deserve fabulous clothes! We all do - no matter our age, size or shape. I am now 51 and have packed on weight over the past year. Clothes wise I just make more that I feel good in. But health wise I have some symptoms that do require me to lose weight - I've been doing Dr Michael Mosely's 5:2 diet for a month and am finding that intermittent fasting is highly effective for me. Maybe worth looking in to if that's something that you feel you want to do.

Janine said...

Ruthie you have created a wonderful collection. The purples and muted grey/ greens are lovely. I especially love the floral skirt and your plummy boots didn't escape my eye. I'm post menopausal too ) and without really changing anything my weight has gone up a few kilos mainly on that belly area. It's frustrating especially when it feels like the weight should fall off you when you are burning up and sweating . We definitely still deserve to feel stylish.

Doctor T Designs said...

Everything looks so great! It all coordinates so well, and you have some really amazing outfits here.