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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Summer Colour Palette - Grey Green


These are the colours I'm channelling whilst I sew some of my summer wardrobe.

I've just threaded up in Grey Green thread and have a few bottoms planned. The Grey Green is my answer to Khaki which is too warm for me.

Its not a very exciting colour, but very good for basic pieces that go well with lots of other things.

I made these trousers in 2019, but they were a very snug fit, just about OK to wear standing, but not enough ease and no stretch (not even any mechanical give) in the fabric, to bend or sit.

So I am reworking them with a matching side strip and extra zipped pockets.

Hopefully then I can actually wear them!


Updated now with side panels and extra (zipped) pockets.


Carol in Denver said...

Grey green is one of my favorite neutrals. It seems especially attractive with other greens worn with it -- jade green, acid green, turquoise and more.

Lisa Laree said...

Love, love green as a khaki alternate! The pants look great!