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Thursday 22 September 2022

New Look 6735 Hack.

I used a remnant of flawed border print rayon jersey which has been in my stash for many years. I bought it from the remnant bin at a shop near my old house. It was really cheap, but frankly it was probably a mistake, and I don't buy flawed pieces anymore.

It has come out of the stash for inspection many times and then been put back, but finally the PR fabric stash contest encouraged me to confront the problem posed by the many flaws.

Pattern Used and Changes Made:
I used my TNT knit top pattern as a starting point as I am familiar with the pieces.
First of all I had to decide where I would position the black flowers and I decided they would be more towards the top. I did all the cutting out single layer and right side up to avoid the flaws as best I could.
I started with the front and tried to position the flowers near the shoulders and a stem centrally down the front. I then cut the two back pieces out from different places, using the first one to cut the second to try to get a reasonable placement.
The sleeves were next and had to be shortened slightly to avoid the flaws.
I then had two rectangular chunks left, one floral, one stems. I decided to use the floral for a large turtleneck collar, cut the length of the patterns neckband and as deep as the fabric allowed. Then I cut cuffs from the remaining stem fabric (slightly smaller than the width of the bottom of the sleeve).

I've finally used this remnant. I'm pleased with the outcome and thankful for TNTs, but have definitely learned my lesson on flawed fabric.


Bambi said...

That is a beautiful top. That border print, even if printed perfectly, was always going to be a challenge to lay out effectively, and I'd say you aced it.

Ginger said...

Love your shirt! Glad you found a way to use the flawed fabric

Unknown said...

I really like this print, it looks very art deco the way you placed it!

Doctor T Designs said...

Love the way this turned out! It looks awesome.

Alison said...

I think that the way you were able to use the fabric would have looked equally splendid had you had an unflawed piece to start with. It really takes advantage of the border print, and the center back seam adds a nice "waist emphasis"... your final knit top really looks boutique worthy! I am impressed at your design choices
- Indigotiger