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Tuesday 2 April 2024

Sewing Machine Covers

I've made soft covers for the machines which I most commonly leave out on my sewing table.

These are just to protect them from dust

There would not normally be 4! though perhaps 2 or 3

CoverPro - this is my Janome CoverPro 100CP, with the damaged thread spools removed (I just use freestanding ones)

MyLock, this is my old NewHome MyLock 134D overlocker from the 1990s

Queenie, this is my main sewing machine a Janome 4300 QDC

Nina, this is my Bernina 800DL overlocker.

The covers are made from an old curtain, I then stitched on embroidered name patches so I know which cover goes on which machine (they are roughly shaped to fit).

I did the lettering on my Janome Memory Craft 200E embroidery machine. I didn't make a cover for this one as it normally lives in the cupboard and just comes out for embroidery projects.

I also have a backup sewing machine (older Janome) and a vintage Singer, but these both have hard cases and live in a cupboard anyway.

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