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Wednesday 3 July 2024

Sewing Purchases

I'm adding some photos of recent fabric purchases so you can enjoy them, but also so I can search for them later and find out when I bought them!

First up is one from a little while back (21st May). It's 1.5metres of cotton batik from Boyes in Arnold, Nottingham (fairly local to me). I'm planning to make a simple summer shirt from this and will probably use emerald green thread.

The next purchase was from the fabric and haby sections of the Singer Sewing Shop in Whitley Bay on 25th June 2024.

A tracing wheel, some machine oil, 5 spools of Chocolate brown Moon thread (from my upcoming Autumn collection!). Also 2 metres of polycotton with a strawberry print, for a travel shirt and 3 metres of navy blue polycotton to make some walking trousers (and maybe some shorts).

Then I managed to pop in Boyes when I was briefly in York on 29th June. There I picked up some more batik fabric. This time in a muted purple. It's the end of the roll, just over 1.3 metres with a yellow mark on it. I bought this to go with another fabric (which I didn't have with me), but I don't think it does really (sigh).

The last purchase was when I went to Boyes in Whitby on 1st July.
There I bought 2 metres of a fun cotton poplin printed with colourful sailing boats on a pink background. A matching spool of pink thread and a loop turner.
The fabric is for a summer/travel shirt.

Earlier I said I'd bought the purple batik to go with another fabric, well see what you think?
The peacock fabric came from Auntie Joy's stash, but I only have 1 metre of it, not enough for a shirt. So bought extra to augment it.

Here's the peacock fabric with other batik fabrics, but none seem quite right. Happily the top two go quite well together so if I need some little extra for the batik shirt I could use that.

That's all for now. I hope to be back with something new to show you soon!

Updated to add a few photos of the peacock fabric with plains.
Medium blues


More blues



This seems to work the best colour wise, but its a poly-cotton and the peacock print is cotton.


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