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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Black trouser jeans

Have cut out the black trouser jeans - well the legs anyway, as the sewing room as eaten the facing pieces. I've sewn the darts, serged the edges ready..... but not sewn anything together yet.
Not sure if I want more embroidery in other places, and if so where. If I am going to embroider I reckon it'll be lowish down on one leg (knee to ankle), but maybe the jeans would be more wearable if I just stick to the pockets having embroidery and teal topstitching.


Rhoto said...

"the sewing room has eaten the facing pieces"... WHAT?? WHEN?? WHERE?? HOW?? Sounds like a good mystery to me!! ;)
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

RuthieK said...

Rhonda, if you'd seen the sewing room you could understand how easily this could happen!

Jenni said...

Hope the facing pieces materialise soon.
It doesn't sound as though you are comfortable with the idea of the embroidery on the legs of these jeans, so maybe best to not do that yet. Perhaps on the next pair? I do think it will look good, but if you don't feel good or comfortable when wearing them, then there isn't any point in doing the embroidery. I do think the pockets and topstitching will be worth doing. I love the idea of teal topstitching.

gwensews said...

Hope you find the missing pieces! Have fun with the embroidery!