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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Butterfly Embroideries

The embroideries came out really nice, and even better - exactly the same as each other.
I used different colours than they suggested, but marked the spools 1-5 as I used them, to make sure I used them in the same order the second time.

Here's a link to the machine - selling for under £400 pounds at the moment, though I think the very weak pound will mean that prices will be going up shortly.

Here are the embroideries - now just need to decide on what garment to use them on. I am thinking about the Burda wide legs pants I already made several times, done in black denim with teal top stitching and the embroidered back pockets. I am probably too old to have embroideries anywhere else :-)


gwensews said...

Those are terrific butterflies. Something else that you may think about is--incorporating embroidery around your buttonholes. There are designs specifically digitized for buttonholes, and some embroidery software lets you put a buttonhole into most designs.

Jenni said...

Ooh, Ruth, those are gorgeous and I love the colours you chose. The machine is obviously going to get lots of use and I do think the butterflies on the back pockets would be lovely.
Welcome to the rather addictive world of embroidering by machine. :)