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Thursday, 19 March 2009


Today I picked up both Sewing World and Sew Hip. Sewing World has the pattern supplement this month so that's interesting - a few nice jacket patterns I can order before they go out of print. It does feel as though its aimed at older ladies rather than myself, but I still buy it sometimes.

Sew Hip has a much younger fresher feel, and even has a free pattern for a jacket and a skirt - both of which I like. Some of the projects are a little mad - I have no need in my life for a stuffed toy raccoon or a corgi cushion, but the whole vibe is young and funky.

I am so wiped from the studying that reading a few sewing magazines is about as far as I manage to get at the moment but hopefully the tiredness will pass by the weekend and I can start to get some stuff done.


gwensews said...

Sounds like you're in need of some R&R. A day of sewing may just do the trick!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie
I know what you mean about Sewing World - I think it might be the freaky dummy they use to display some of the clothes project, but they do have some really good techniques and giveaways so I get it sometimes too.
I thought Issue 5 of Sew Hip was the best yet - I agree about the much fresher look, not so strong on techniques as Sewing World but I like the focus on textile design they have. I also like it as some of the projects appeal to my daughters (12 and 15 years old) so I get extra value from it. (But then I have a bit of a vested interest as one of my designs is in the next issue - dead excited!).
Really inpired by your SWAPs thanks for sharing. Hope you're feeling more Springy soon :-)