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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

JCC deadline - just

Well I'm not happy with the sleeves but there was a deadline so I just had to go for it is as.
As sewing time is now over I will do the contest photos showing the shirt as it is, and then when its done I will spend some time removing the sleeve, trimming the sleeve cap a little and reinserting it.

Jenni helped me make a muslin of this and we made the armhole neater but the sleeve wider in some places (I have chunky arms) which I am sure has not helped things, plus this is 100% cotton with no stretch or give whatsoever - quite dense - pinholes and unpicked basting show.

Patsijean left quite a comprehensive note on my previous post of resources to consult. I do have the Sandra Betzina book already, so I will have another go after the contest to make the sleeves look nicer. Thanks for the help Patsijean, I just timed out yesterday evening :-(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie - congrats on finishing! I like the shirt, it is very stylish and the colour is gorgeous! If you want to alter THIS sleeve, you could also think about a dart at the top of the sleeve - not sure how it would look like, but you could pin-try...
I also have to widen my sleeves because of upper arm "issues" ;) and recently had to reduce ease in the sleevecap nevertheless. Look http://s109.photobucket.com/albums/n44/Morzelpronka/Selfdrafted%20patterns/?action=view&current=CIMG5336.jpg here and at the next photo for the method, if you are interested.