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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sewing room getting redecorated

I have now got a date for when the sewing room is going to be redecorated - next Monday and Tuesday. We decided to get someone to do it for us rather than try to do it myself.
I'm very excited about the redecoration. I've been using the room but the previous owners had it as a teenage boy's room and its currently painted dark blue with a gaming border (dice, cards etc).
The border is coming off and the whole room is being painted pale green.

So this weekend I have to empty all the sewing stuff and small furniture out of it. I promised DH that I will sort everything out and the 'new' room won't look like a fabric explosion happened (as is the current situation). He didn't look convinced but figured it was still worth a try.

On that basis July is going to be dedicated to sorting out the sewing room more than actual sewing LOL. But it should make for a more pleasant sewing/creating environment in future.


Anonymous said...

great news! The new colour will be much nicer, your creative juices will flow even more! Good for you for having it done by someone, you will probably be exhausted by sorting out the room (and work!)...

Rhoto said...

Oh, Ruthie, I thoroughly enjoyed the sorting out process recently... My room is sooo inviting now. Worth the effort!! (Paint and curtains to come.)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)