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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sewing Room

This weekend I am going to finish off painting the skirting board, windowsill, door frame and door, hang the floral curtains MIL gave me and reassemble the desk. At that point I will have a good idea of how the flow of the room is taking shape.

I currently store notions in clear plastic boxes but they are of several different sizes and not perfectly rectangular, so I may look at replacing some of them with these white DVD boxes from Ikea which will stack better on shelving. I'm also hoping for a new tall bookcase to the left of the window and another 1 or two of these mini drawers for handy items for the sewing machine.


gwensews said...

Good luck on your restructure! You'll have a really nice feeling when your sewing room is up and running, and all organized as well!

Unknown said...

It looks like everything is starting to come together- I love reading your progress!