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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Painting is done

I am declaring the painting in the sewing room to be finally done.
Over this weekend I finished painting the cupboard in 2 coats of pale green emulsion with all the woodwork in the cream satin - perhaps slight overkill as once its full of my fabric stash I don't suppose it'll be all that obvious but I know its done.

More obvious is that I did the second coat of cream gloss on the windowsill, which looked fab until a fly decided to land on it whilst the paint was still wet and then died, which made a mess when DH removed its body. It was very small so I don't suppose it will be noticeable.

I also repainted the radiator in gloss, and whilst I had the cream gloss out also painted the towel rail for the bedroom - the painting equivalent of sewing another project because it uses the same serger thread!!

Anyway that's all drying now, but tomorrow I can sort of the curtain rail (the student decorator put all the rings in the middle and none at the ends) and then hang the floral curtains from DMIL. Also vacuum round the room and remove the last bits of masking tape etc. I'll also buy a shelving unit from Ikea for the cupboard.

Then I might do a photo of the basic room and you can get an idea of what its like without much stuff in it.
After that I'll need to decide what should go in next - probably the very tall bookcase before my precious sewing machines and then gradually work through everything else finding sensible places for everything to go.

I think I would like it if I can manage to get the room all in order before the weekend - though as there's only evenings to do everything in and I'll have at least one long day with work and another out at Weight Watchers that might be pushing things a little.

Anyway I am very happy with the colour scheme of pale green and cream, and once I have the bookcases and curtains in I think the room will began to have some character. I am excited about how lovely it is going to be.


Rhoto said...

Of COURSE the room "will have some character"!! 'Cos you've got plenty!! ;)
AND, we want pictures, eh!!
FUNNY blog article!! "Poor bug"!!
Congrats, you HOOT!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

kiltsnquilts said...

Sounds lovely ruth - can't wait to see photos either :-) You will be desperate to get in there to get some sewing done.

Jenni said...

Excellent news that the room is finished, but poor little fly. Could have been worse... you could have had cat hairs all over it where the cat chased the fly... I am sure that somehow you will get your room sorted in the evenings because the thought of being able to sew again after such a long enforced "rest" will spur you on.