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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sewing room planning

After I wrote that post I had a moan at DH about the room, and he came up to the room with me and started suggesting different layouts using the current furniture. He also said we might be able to change some of the furniture next year if that still didn't work.
(When we moved we just reused all the old furniture but in different combos so I currently have his old computer desk which I frankly don't love but its a solid and relatively expensive piece of furniture that goes nowhere else!)

I sat down on my seat and told him what worked for me and what was frustrating and he made suggestions as how I could have things set up going forwards. So I think that will be good. He has a good spatial brain, and set his hobby space up so it works very well for him.

I particularly love the convenience of having spare machine feet, scissors, seam rippers etc to hand in these little drawers and will try to get some more of these and have them wall mounted to free up workspace.


marysews said...

I, too, find it quite helpful when I ask DH for suggestions. Isn't it great?!

SewRuthie said...

Mary, he's a love! Maybe I should make those PJs he's been asking for ;P

Jenni said...

Sounds like you are both going forward to make this a really nice space. I do think that Ikea are good for nice little storage items that can help you make the room work better. Don't overlook their kitchen department, some of their utensil storage things are very good for the sewing room. Also, the best "keeping stuff together" item I "rescued" was a cutlery basket from my dead dishwasher. Its marvellous for pens, scissors, marking items, loose bits that need to stand up... and best of all, has a handle so you can pick it up and move it to where you are in the room.

Sharon said...

My DH is also very good at planning. My sewing area is in the spare room (used as a guest room twice a year)and he is making a base for the bed so I can fold it up for more room when not being used. I have 3 machines and the Horn cabinet I have just isn't working for me and I was looking at a desk similar to yours to use so was just wondering why you are not happy with it.

SewRuthie said...

Sharon, I think the biggest issue is that the supports for the monitor stand had been left on the desk and they got in the way - I need it flat - but turns out they can be removed.
Also I have it in a corner - but its curved so that wastes a lot of space.
Am going to try it sticking out into the room.

Sharon said...

Thank you Ruthie, the one I am looking at fits into the corner and is flat with a lot of space underneath so it may work after all.

Hope you see improvements when you get home tonight.