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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Drawers, boxes and purging

Today I discovered why the underbed drawer full of shoes was sticking. It turns out I had bust the drawer by overloading it, and a pair of slingbacks had fallen out and got wedged underneath. Oops.

I love storage solutions, wire baskets, little boxes with lids, giant underbed storage drawers etc etc.
Rather than dealing with my excess I often just buy more boxes. This is not the best strategy I realise and I am trying to mend my ways. Honest.

The up side is I can nearly always find a box when I want to store things :-)
So since the fabric stash is mostly now on the shelving unit, the storage boxes are free and I was able to put all of the shoes into one of them!
I mended the drawer with some little panel pins, and refilled it with winter tights which had been in the bottom of the wardrobe. A better solution I think.
Whilst I was at it I sorted the tights by colour, always useful so you don't find you are wearing navy tights with your brown dress on a dark winter morning.

I was supposed to be doing something else, I wonder what it was?

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L said...

"Rather than dealing with my excess I often just buy more boxes."

Wow! This statement can be applied to so many situations - tangible or otherwise. I have way more fabric than I'll ever sew. Rather than cull the stash, I bought several large totes to put it out of sight. Sadly, I would need five or six more to completely store all of my fabric. That said, I think taking an honest look at what you have and realizing that it's not all needed marks the first step of progress. At least, that's what I'm going to keep telling myself. =) Thanks for sharing!