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Friday, 28 September 2012

Patrones Magazines

I've just got back form a 6 day city break in Barcelona, and got a lot of creative input particualrly from the Gaudi locations we visited. I am not quite sure how this is going to come out in my sewing or other creative outputs over the winter, so will ty and split things out over a few posts.

First up I bought 2 Patrones magazines in Spanish. Having travelled hand luggage only space was limited for souvenirs, and I didn't buy all the magazines I looked at. So these and 700+ photos were what I brought back with me :-)

I picked these as they were Autumn versions and seemed to have styles I would wear.
Not purchased was Burda as that's available easily now in the UK, a Simplicity pattern magazines, Diana and other Patrones magazines.

I've long been intrigued by Desigual, and I think they might be Barcelona based as they were everywhere. I went in a couple of the shops, but was unable to bring myself to part with my money, though quite inspired.
One thing I loved, but may have been a shop only display as I cannot find it online, was a multicoloured patchwork chair, and its not a new idea, but definitely one which appeals. My parents gave me an old sofa and chair when I moved here. They'd had it in their conservatory and the current terracotta loose covers are unevenly faded. My fevered imagination wants new patchwork loose covers more in the style of this - though it would be a lot of work as I've never made loose covers before.
I was particualrly inpsired by the Gaudi and Miro Trencadís pieces I saw, as well as the wonderfully coloured stained glass, so this idea of mixing in many colours within a room has really caught my imagination, and is a big change for me as I tend to go for neutral plus one or two accent colours. But neutral plus rainbow is really appealing right now.


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Color is missing in so many of the interior pieces of our lives. Thanks for sharing all the color you have found, well, some of it. Thank you.

Jenni said...

Wow, those are fabulous covers. I can see you with a sofa like that.
I have some Patrones mags also and some of the patterns are truly fabulous. I look forward to seeing what you make from them (says the woman who has yet to make anything from her own magazines).