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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Prima jacket

I've started on the Prima jacket, and other than a bit of a 'mare with the collar/front pleaty thing not seeming to line up very well, seems to be going OK. I'm doing a step and then have a break as don't want to overdo it.

I've been looking a bit more at one of the gift patterns - Simplicity 1920 - and a few things struck me about it.

The scarf can be made from a yard (or 0.9m) of fabric. The skirt takes 1.1m (1 1/4 yards). If you used alternate neck binding the little shell top takes only the body length, and the belt also uses very little fabric if you used purchased ties rather than cutting bias ties from the fabric.

So these would be great items if you had a little bit of yardage left from something else, or had bought a cute remnant and then couldn't work out what to use it for.

The jacket takes more fabric 1.6m (1 3/4 yards), and I think could also be made as a great soft waistcoat (vest) if you left the sleeves off.

So although they are really quite simple pieces to sew this could be a great pattern to have in the stash to use up those smaller pieces of fabric.or make a co-ordinated mini wardrobe.

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Judith said...

We all often overlook these simple patterns, and yet they are the ones we could get the most use out of! Hope the jacket will be ready to show soon...