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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wow Simplicity Patterns

Regular readers may have noticed me moaning about the price of sewing patterns in the UK a while back. A lovely lady who reads the blog and is a member of Stitchers Guild gave me the wonderful gift of choosing 10 patterns which she offered to buy for me at the next Joann'es 99c sale and send to me. Wow what a wonderfully kind and generous offer. I was thrilled.

After quite a few weeks stuck somewhere in the postal system they arrived yesterday and I have taken a photo of them tonight.
A huge thank you for such a great gift. As you can see I went for a few wardrobe patterns, lots of knits and a nice skirt pattern. I have no idea what to sew first though I suspect it may be something from Simplicity 1784.

In other news I have just changed assignments (again) at work. The new assignment is for 2 years and is based in the local office, so no more driving to the customer site miles away. I am very thankful for this as the winter is coming and the driving is always worse in the dark, rain and other bad weather. It should also release a bit more time for hobbies including sewing!!!!

The new assignment does require me to go into the office pretty much every day and dress smartly - suits, jackets etc so I do really need to crack the whole fitting and making simple jackets this Autumn so I can have a range of suits for work.

** edited to add the back view for Jenni - the jacket has a centre back seam which will really help a lot with the forward head alterations.


Alison said...

Nice patterns! Our tastes must be very alike as I have 5 of those. :)

velosewer said...

Well done. Having more sewing time and more patterns is a real bonus.

RhondaBuss said...

Sewing sisters are the best!! Enjoy your new patterns!

Sewing Geek said...

That will make an awesome outfit for you with a pair of your terrific boots. Look forward to seeing it.

Jenni said...

Love the patterns you chose. The one you showed in close up, 1784, looks a fabulous choice for your office suit/smart outfit as I doubt that jacket collar would be all that difficult to alter for your forward head issues. It looks as though you could split it up the back reasonably easily and put it back together with a seam that would fit your neck nicely. Though I've not seen the line drawing so can't be certain of that.