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Friday, 21 September 2012

Jackets for work

So I've changed roles at work again, and am much happier in the new role even though I only just started.
This one I am working out of a local office, but need to go in most days and dress smartly.

It is hard to tell what's appropriate for a woman as there are hardly any, and none in the small group I'm working in.
The men are wearing suits and shirts, most of them with ties. All very classic and traditional. I want it to come across clearly that I am one of the project managers and not be mistaken for the girl who gets the tea, so am sticking with suits as much as possible.

If money were no object I'd go out and buy some new trouser suits, but I'm saving to buy a house and am really not sure that's something I want to do.
What I'd really like, would be to make some simple (but still really smart) softly tailored jackets, as cardigans and so on are not going to cut it here.

I have a forward head and rounded upper back alteration which I make on tops and dresses and works well on New Look patterns. I have not quite worked out how to transfer this to things with collars, so am going to start with New Look 6082, as this has a long band instead of a collar, and a centre back seam which should make things easier.

I'll probably add patch pockets and a simple lining as well, and see how I go on from here.
I don't want to do 'proper' tailoring, just soft jackets that are smart enough will be fine.


eric said...

I really like that New Look jacket, Ruthie. From how you describe what you are going for, I think it will be just the ticket.

RhondaBuss said...

I think this wardrobe pattern will look wonderful on you. Congrats on the new job btw!!

Ann said...

Great jacket to start with and you might eventually make the whole wardrobe.
Congrats on your new job.

Diana said...

Congrats Ruthie. Great looking pattern. Have you considered using menswear type suiting fabric to up the scale a bit? Just a thought.

Ruth said...

That style will be perfect. Smart yet comfortable. A very good choice.

Dixie said...

I'm glad to hear you're in a new position at work that you like. Enjoying what we do with our days is so important to overall happiness!
Your plan for new garments for work sounds good. This jacket will be easy to make, and different fabrics could lend it a variety of looks. Have fun with it!

ClaireOKC said...

Ruthie - the pattern looks great, but think about a couple of things. Make the jacket only as long as the thickest part of your hips, stomach or fanny. And I wouldn't use the tie of the pattern, I'd use a purchased belt (check Zappos.com they have a good selection), but not too wide, and then I would wear it on the "high side" of your waist. This could make a really neat look for you. Notice how many times the first lady wears her belt outside of her jacket - that's the look you're after.