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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Year Review: Part 2

In July I tried to watch the Olympics and sew at the same time. This was only partially successful as I only completed 3 of my planned 5 garments
In August I was away on holiday for 2 weeks and didn't sew at all.

In September I changed roles again at work (sigh). I was very blessed by two fellow sewing people who sent me sewing goodies:-
Lovely L sent me my choice of patterns in the 99c sale
and M fabric and Burda magazines
And I made many plans but didn't actually sew anything.

I had a great holiday in Barcelona and was wowed by Gaudi!

In October I bought a better (used) sewing chair
I bought charcoal jersey and mused about patchwork chairs.

I went to the ballet for the first time! I converted my home office to use a temporary standing desk and sewed a knit dress and cami to finish off my 5 piece autumn collection
In November I made Christmas decorations for the craft fayre, and also went on the day and sold lots of my stock
I made a Christmas stocking
and started to think about SWAP 2013!

In December I made some more Christmas stockings
A whole load of clay snowmen decorations
Bunting thank you cards
I also sewed 4 tops and 2 dresses - all knits!

I am back at work tomorrow so we will have to see how the sewing goes on into 2013!


L said...

What a productive sewing year! I can't believe you're already half-way through the 2013 SWAP. I'm still working on the first garment. Will you plan another?

Ann said...

You were very productive in sewing front in 2012

Chris Lucas said...

You sure have been very productive this year and have made so many new additions to your wardrobe... oh and I love the stockings!