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Friday, 25 January 2013

Frugal Fabric Friday

Hi folks, I'm afraid I'm going to pass again on Frugal Fabric Friday as I don't really have anything to share with you, I've started thinking about moving again (this time buying my own place), and that plus quite a stressful week at work and still not being fully recovered from my new year virus has resulted in no sewing.

I had a few ideas just not any time to execute them.
Perhaps its Ok to share the ideas with you even if I don't actually make up the item?

The one that's currently making me the most excited is multiple fabric panelled skirts. The pattern I'm thinking of using is Simplicity 4966.

What a great way to use up menswear remants left over from making tailored trousers. And you could always cut the pattern pieces into smaller segments if you had smaller pieces of fabric.
My plan is to use various black based remants (pinstripe, tasteful check etc) to make the knee length skirts, then wear it with a black wrap front sweater and leather knee high boots, maybe a very funky necklace.

I also want to make it in a plain navy pinstripe to showcase the directional piecing, and make a matching jacket. But what with work, house hunting and a great social life with my sweetie I just don't know if it'll happen anytime soon.

P.S. The pattern is from my stash and the reviews on PR go back to 2005, so I guess it OOP now. I have several other similar patterns stashed, one with an elastic waist which I made and wore to death when I was plus size, and a Burda magazine version from years ago.

So if you have this in your stash, fish it out, sew it up from some scraps and wear it please :-)

The skirt in the Autumn leaves collection uses a similar pattern from Prima magazine, which I'd not thought to do in different fabrics, so there are a few similar options out there. And I guess it depends how bohemian you want to go with angled hems, fringing, contrast fabric etc.

Anyone else got any examples of this sort of skirt they would like to share?

Having been and trimmed Simplicity 4966, I can see the large and odd shape of the pieces might not work too well with those bits left over from cutting out pants.

How about Simplicty 1760. Make view E (the Yellow one) with a contrast front panel, maybe a contrast waistband, perhaps with the back different from the front.
I will share if I actually make any of these up.
I have seen quite a few contrast centre panel skirts in RTW so it would be quite current, and probably more office appropriate. More Chic/Avant garde than Bohemian ;-)


L said...

I've been busy, sick, and fatigued and haven't sewn a stitch in two weeks. I hope to get something done this weekend.

As for the paneled skirts, I really like New Look 6300. There is an OOP Butterick skirt from several years ago, but I can not remember the number and I don't have the pattern any more. Patterns like this are great for colour-blocking, topstitching, and using up small pieces of fabric.

pdiddly said...

I have just cut out McCalls 5523 which I hope to make up today. I hope you feel better soon, and good luck with your moving plans.

Linda T said...

Enjoyed seeing your plans; hope you feel better soon. That virus stuff can be really nasty and have lingering after effects!

Hen said...

I have recently made a skirt from eight identical panels cut from the pipes of two jean trousers that don't fit me any more. I want to post about it soon on my blog.

I also really like to combine coordinating fabrics in one skirt, I have one with a horizontal wavelike parting, and one with a curve very similar to the example you made up, and one with side panels, that I find very flattering when you make the sides darker. BUT I never made these from remnants.

Ruth said...

Ruthie, take a look here for some extra inspiration for those little scraps. http://sandysnowden.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/how-to-make-fabric-beads.html