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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sewing Room Tidyup

I'm sorting out my sewing room a bit. Clearly the thing to do when you can't stuff anymore on the monster shelving unit is to remove everything off it, sort stuff into piles and then stack it all back on again right?
So that's what I am doing and currently I am half way through, you know that part when everything is in piles on the floor and you go in another room for a cup of tea and some blog reading.

I clearly had a corduroy phase, and bought it in lots of colours. Unsurprisingly I love knits and have a lot of them, including some I must've bought during a brief colour blind period. I have a huge number of trouser lengths, and could make something like 30, 50? pairs of pinstripe trousers in black, grey, navy, brown, grey etc. I also have lots of shirt/dress weight fabrics despite almost never making them. Some of the prints are scary! I also have some nice jacket weight fabrics. many in sensible colours.
I also have linen, leather, faux leather, denim, faux fur, felt, boiled wool and even some silk and waterproof fabric.

I could make enough cushion covers for 100 sofas, but have hardly any pieces big enough to make curtains. Despite having no nets at my windows, I have a big choice of sheer fabrics.

And then there are the scraps, oh boy have I got a lot of scraps. My Frugal Fabric Friday projects are only tickling the edges. The scraps are knits and woven, clothing, bedding and upholstery weights.

So, I really don't need to buy any more fabric, even though actually there are some things I don't have (plain black knit, medium weight blue denim). I do need to make myself some lovely clothes from the great pieces I have happily bought over the years. And yes I need to really make a good dent in those scraps - the fabric tote bags sold the best at the Craft Market, so I think I will make as much of the scrap yardage as possible into bags. I will then try and get to another craft market (or even sell on eBay or etsy??) before I move house again this summer. And anyone having a birthday will get their gift delivered in a fabric bag I then leave with them. Oh and my favourite ones can live in the car for my own supermarket shopping.

Right enough planning, I'd better get back to actually doing hadn't I!


Sewing Geek said...

Even though I am in Colorado in the US, can I come 'help' so I can pet your fabric? Looks like you are having fun?

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Through the years I've done a few re-organizing stints in the sewing studio, so I know what a job you've accomplished! Great work!

The patterns sell well on eBay if you stick to one continent it's easier. Or maybe do what I did and donate them to a theater costumer shoppe. I had about two hundred patterns dating back to my mother's stash. They loved getting them.