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Friday, 18 January 2013

Frugal Fabric Friday #2: denim pencil case

Following the instructions at skiptomylou, though you may get slightly nicer results from the tuorial I later found at flossieteacakes, I made some denim and cotton scraps into a lined pencil case for carrying in my computer backback to work. I work across several buildings and don't have a permanent desk so like to keep my pens together in a pencil case. My current one is falling apart and isn't large enough for a stapler and other things as well, so I made this one.
One thing I liked about the fabric was it could easily be used to make gifts for guys, and even recycle old jeans and shirts to do so. I love it and am thinking about what other pouches I could do with in my backpack, handbag, on my bedroom dressing table etc. The pouch is the width of the zip by whatever depth you like. Maybe a power cable bag would be handy, and another one for headache tablets etc.

The denim does make for lumpy corners, but I'm happy with it, and think its rugged good looks will wear well.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Very nice and a good use for jeans legs.. the bits where you've gone through the knees but the rest is still wearing well.