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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dylon Flamingo Pink

I decided to try dying a few things with Dylon's Flamingo Pink machine dye.
This is after the run with the dye, they are now back in being washed with detergent.

from left to right
natural linen, was quite a dark tan (darker when wet) now more of a plum wine
yellow knit and yellow woven cotton, these have come out hot pink
plain white silk scarf blanks, these have come out flamingo pink as per the packet
peach broderie anglaise, this has picked up a little of the pink and therefore must be a polycotton with a lot of poly

isn't it interesting what happens when you dye things....


BeaJay said...

Fascinating - I would never have thought that the colours would come out so different.

Jenni said...

How exciting..... I love dying things, you never know what you will get. They all came out rather well.

twotoast said...

Ooooh! Fun! I dye yarn, and love the combinations/effects that you can get. How lovely to have all these pretty colors that co-ordinate!

freshcityfarm said...

Totally interesting!!!!