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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Great British Sewing Bee Book

A lovely friend bought me the Great British Sewing Bee book for Christmas.
 It has one pattern included in the back but most of the others are downloadable from the Publishers website - link here.
The pattern which meets something I have been looking for in my stash, and not quite finding, was for what I was calling a woven tee ie a simple dartless pull over top designed for lightweight woven fabrics. They have one they call 'Blouse with collar' which has a simple Peter Pan collar attached, not a shape which is good for me, but the rest of it is exactly what I have been looking for so I was quite pleased.

I have downloaded and printed out, but not yet tackled the whole taping together thing yet, and I shall definitely compare it to some favourite knit tee patterns before testing in some muslin fabric. This could be a great way to use some of my nice blouse fabrics for work without all the faff of collars, buttons and etc. I shall keep you posted.
Updated to show it is printed out, trimmed and glued together with PVA and currently drying.
I don't own the Grainline Scout Woven Tee, but wonder how similar it is?

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Jenni said...

A great classic garment that should be great as a wardrobe basic and customisable in terms of neckline detail and trim/embellishment to make many options. Looking forward to seeing the first version.