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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Silk scarf updates

You may remember the Silk scarf dying I did a few days ago.

I left the first scarf alone because I loved the colours in it, but all the others went back and had some more added to them.

Long violently pink/blue/purple narrow scarf overdyed with a red orange dye bath.
- this is now mostly orange/red and black, so still strong just redder. This one is for me to wear. I don't like how the pink and purple are still peeking through in places so I think this will get some red applied by hand. This is to wear with a black suit.

Long pink scarf with burgundy bits, overdyed with the remnants of the red orange dye bath.
- this had a weaker version of the dye bath and was a closer colour before. This is now a warmer pink and I'm really pleased with it.This is also for me. I shall leave this one alone now, and hopefully it would be great with a dark plum dress and amber earrings.

Turquoise blue scarf had extra green and turquoise added.
- now has more colour variation, though perhaps has lost some of the delicate tracery. It seems to still have some of the soft underlying abstract flowers and definitely more life and energy. One end is greener and one end is bluer, not sure if this is fun or a problem. This is planned as a gift for a teal loving lady so I am slightly worried it is too green in parts now. I'm now wondering about added more blue to the too green parts! Maybe a bridge too far?

Pale blue had purple and pink added.

- this was really bland, but with watered down pink and purple added to a scrunched up scarf now has abstract flower shapes all over which I think is great. This one has definitely improved, but will need hand hemming (sigh). This is planned as a gift for an elderly lady, and once hemmed I hope she will like it.

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Jenni said...

Those all came out well. If it was me, I would leave the blue-green one alone now as its really pretty and I don't think a greener end should be much of a problem. The blue and pink overdye for the elderly lady looks much more suitable now. Well done... you did really well to get such fab results on your first couple of tries.