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Friday, 20 December 2013

New shoes and new specs

Continuing in my upgrading the work classics theme, I bought some black leather Penny Loafers to wear with trouser suits to the office.
They have leather uppers and leather soles, and are otherwise fairly forgettable, but imagine them with my super comfy support insoles inside so my knees don't hurt when walking a lot and worn with a nice sharp trouser suit. Definitely appropriate don't you think?
I won't be wearing them with skirts as they are too clunky for that, but I hope they will prove useful in the work wardrobe.

I also have ordered some new spectacles, which should come in about 3 weeks. I have a complex prescription (very short sighted and with astigmatism) so can be tricky getting specs which look OK and are comfy to wear. These seem to fit the bill.
More grown up than my current ones which are from the teenage range to reduce weight (as I had headaches with the glass lenses from the weight pressing on my sinuses), these are now proper adult women's ones and can still take the thin and light plastic lenses. The frames fit better and are more in proportion to my face which is really nice. The fitter was fantastic (an older man) and really wanted to help me find something flattering which would take my lenses and be a sensible price - fantastic customer service.

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Jenni said...

Both very smart, the spectacles are particularly nice and look as though they will be flattering.