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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Berry Business - Cream jersey top

I am slowly working on Simplicity 2977 - the top View B, with sleeves added from another pattern in a luscious cream jersey.

It should work with lots of different things in my wardrobe. This will be the cream jersey top in the Berry Business SWAP plan
Ivory and cream are super useful in tops particularly as they work with so many combinations where something else already has a print/pattern/fleck/texture going on. I am going to apply the neck facing strip, more as a neck band, so I can ease some of the excess in (as I've not done an alteration on the tissue) and have a nicely fitting neckline.

Meanwhile the various grey fabrics have been through the laundry. The grey 'boucle' jacket will in fact be made from an Ikea Gurli throw.
In with the throw were black and grey ponte, some charcoal jersey and some light grey knit. Everything came out looking OK, with the pontes in particualr having a great hand, I am really looking forward to sewing the grey dress and may sneak a black one in too.


Jenni said...

The new plan seems to be inspiring you more. The cream top sounds good and the pattern is lovely.

Rose said...

You are so right about the versatility of a cream jersy top. Your plans look good!