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Friday, 10 January 2014

Berry Business SWAP 2014

My plans are all up in the air again. I loved the Berry SWAP on paper but when I started describing each piece to a sewing friend and thinking if it would work in my lifestyle I really backed away from it. I'd done some sewing research at lunch time in a nearby department store and so had a good mental imagine of what was current, and some of the planned pieces were just not going to cut it - the border print skirt for example.

I started again still incorporating some of the Berry pieces but also some more classic navy blue and mid grey since its my business wardrobe I want to bolster. This also reduces the number of pieces all in the same colour - something I put in SWAP plans a lot, but then get bored with actually sewing. I'll let it mature a little and then update my thread.

Well I've left it 24 hours and not only do I still like the 'Berry Business' collection still, I keep thinking of extra things the new grey and navy 3PACs would work with from my existing wardrobe. I have swiped images from rtw for this, but they give the general idea of the colours and styles if not the exact pieces I hope to sew.

So here is the first cut

Navy 3 PAC
Navy boiled wool jacket
Cream knit top
Navy and cream checked cutabout skirt

Grey 3 PAC
Grey boucle jacket
Cream self striped blouse
Grey ponte skirt

Berry 3 PAC
Burgundy ponte jacket
Pink silky cowl neck top
Burgundy ponte skirt

Wild cards
Grey ponte dress
Burgundy ponte dress

The tops will work between most of the 3 PACs, and the dresses work with the various jackets, especially with added scarf or necklace.


Sharon said...

I really like the sound of this and this is why this years SWAP is so amazing!

Jenni said...

Well I think it will work really well and give the right work vibe whilst still feeling comfortable and very you.

juliann whicker said...

I love this combination! It's a perfect blend of wearable but still fun to sew, I think. Ponte wears so well. Great choice. I'm a very visual person. I appreciate that most of your posts have wonderful pictures to illustrate your plans.
I'm bohocute from stitcher's guild:)

BeaJay said...

It does look good. Planning is a lot of the fun so it doesn't matter if the plan is in continuous flux.